Website / Migration

Today it is not about ‘Get the traffic’ — it’s about ‘Get the targeted and relevant traffic’

A comprehensive strategy for maintaining SEO ranking and website performance in case of a website redesign, up-gradation, or migration to new technology.

During website re-design or website platform change without considering SEO migration strategy, organic traffic drops by 40-60%.

Auctus Systems carefully and strategically develop actionable risk migration plans to protect against the ranking, revenue, and traffic loss. 

Our team will collaborate with your development team to successfully implement website migration and make sure there is minimal damage.


SEO Migration Process / Checklist

  • Analytics benchmarking
  • URL redirect Mapping
  • Internal link mapping
  • Search console configuration
  • SEO metrics mapping
  • Sitemap mapping
  • Mobile compatibility
  • 404 pages implementation
  • Robots.txt setup
  • Disavow file implementation
  • Backlink analysis
  • Canonical URL implementation
  • Duplicate content analysis
  • Final site audit