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SEO is an adventure where you need a lot of skills, both, technical and non-technical to survive.

SEO’s job today is more than keywords and backlinks. It is more than metadata optimization. It is more than even content. It is the assurance of a frictionless user experience while delivering the right information at the right time and in a timely manner.

Instead of focusing on the top results position, set goals based on the overall opportunities available on each SERP for your prime keywords.

If you are going to post content on your site anyway, you might as well take the time to make sure google takes notice of your effort.

This is the era of Less-Is-More with SEO

It is important to consider Google’s mission.  They want to organize all the information online and present it to the searcher so that only the best websites are at the top of the results page

SEO strategy starts with finding the right keywords that will ultimately drive conversions for your business.  Use Google’s Keywords Planner Tool to search for relevant keywords.  Then take it one step further to organize all the keywords you find into two categories:

  • buying-intent
  • research-intent

As you can probably guess, the buying-intent keywords are the ones where the person searching is most likely looking to make a purchase.  The research-intent keywords are the ones where the searcher is most likely just doing research.

Focus your SEO efforts on the buying-intent keywords first to give you the best chance to drive leads and sales.

Think about how hard it is to double the number of visitors to your website.  You’ll have to invest more in SEO, advertising, social media, email marketing, another marketing tactic to drive more website traffic.

Due to Google’s recent algorithm updates, quality outweighs quantity. Always keep this in mind and resist the urge to cut corners on quality in an attempt to publish webpages faster.

Even more important than your rankings is your website traffic from SEO and your website conversions from SEO.

One of the most significant pitfalls SEOs and consultants find from SEO strategy to SEO implementation is companies not dedicating sufficient time or resources to their online strategy.